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Sleep 101 with Unnati Patel: Newborn Sleep

April 10, 2023 Previa Alliance Team Season 1 Episode 48
Previa Alliance Podcast
Sleep 101 with Unnati Patel: Newborn Sleep
Show Notes

Calling all pregnant mamas and moms with newborns! We've teamed up with certified pediatric sleep consultant Unnati Patel to do a series on sleep tips and hacks for newborns to toddlers!

This episode is packed with so many things a new mama needs to know to help her newborn baby sleep, so SHE can sleep.  Listen to Unnati describe the wake window as well as research-backed evidence that helps babies fall asleep.

Then, keep an eye out for future episodes where Unnati shares similar suggestions for different age groups. This is a must-have tool for every parent!

Learn more about Unnati and her business, Nested to Rested.

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About Unnati Patel:
I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant and I educate, empower, and support exhausted families to get the sleep they need and deserve. By using a customized holistic and evidence-based sleep approach to help establish healthy sleep habits in children 0-5 years of age, I help families get well-rested and able to thrive.

My background is in research and public health. I worked in clinical research for over 8 years for government agencies such as the VA and CDC, and used my education to help me prepare for motherhood. Reality soon hit after I became a mom and experienced first-hand how sleep deprivation feels. So I did all the research on pediatric sleep to help sleep train my daughter around 4-5 months. From the lessons learned from her, I was able to sleep train my son at 2 months. I want to use what I have learned and been trained in to help as many families as possible go from overtired to well-rested and thriving!

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